Purest resin extraction results

with maXtractor

You will need: Two buckets, a spatula, an electric mixer, 2kg - 5kg of ice cubes, paper towels (to absorb excess water)
and – of course – maXtractor filter bags.

How to use:

  1. Place all parts of the plant, e.g. flowers and petals, in a bucket with ice-cold water; add the ice cubes. Your working temperature should be around 4°C. The low temperature causes the resin trichomes to solidify, thus allowing them to be filtered. Beat for 15 minutes with the mixer and leave to settle for at least 15 minutes.
    The actual extraction process starts while the mixture is settling. This first step can be repeated several times
  2. Attach the filter bags to the second bucket: first the fine filter and then the coarse one, ensuring that there is sufficient space between the two. Now pour the water-plant mixture into the top bag. Add some more water if the plant pieces are not completely covered with water. The crystals will sink to the bottom and collect in the fine filter.
  3. Remove the coarse filter with the plant residue, gently swirling the mixture around and squeezing, if required. You can then remove the fine filter and squeeze out all remaining water. Continue squeezing with a piece of paper towel placed around the filter bag to absorb any excess fluid.
    In the bag you will find a greenish-brown filtrate. This is the extract. Scrape it out with the spatula and leave to dry.


Using a finer filter will give you a lower, but purer, yield.

Example movie